Gift planning is the act of thoughtfully selecting ways to give, integrating with your overall tax, estate and financial planning that helps you meet your goals.

US Tax Pros discusses your values to establish a clear approach that ties together your personal planning and charitable giving objectives. Here is what you can achieve by speaking with us today!

• Earn income, pay fewer taxes, and secure your retirement
• Enhance your net estate
• Create a personal legacy
• Get more from your real estate

We take great pride in offering personal and confidential services that are of the highest value to secure your family’s future.

US Tax Pros ensures that employee benefit plans are established and maintained in a fair and financially sound manner. We use qualified guides to meet requirements for managing and administering employee benefit plans, on the local, state and nationwide platforms.

We do this by meeting requirements such as Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD), special enrollment notices, and certificates of creditable coverage. Record keeping, reporting and notices are followed through to minimize penalties. Tax Compliance is done in relation to state, local and other federal laws.

We help employers also comply with Department of Labor’s Employee Retirement Income Security Act. We do this through:

Small Business Retirement Savings Advisor: Choosing the most appropriate Retirement savings options for small business employers.

Health Benefits Advisor: We help workers and their families better understand employer and employee organization provided group health benefits and the laws that govern them, especially when they experience changes in their life and work situations.

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We can manage your entire payroll process from writing checks, delivering to your employees to maintaining accurate records and calculating payroll taxes.

This will leave you to concentrate on building your business without having to worry about errors and penalties. It will also save you time and money in the long run.

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From small business to large corporations, cash flow can become a big hurdle limiting growth and full potential.

US Tax Pros evaluates your company's financial condition, estimates financing requirements, and tracks cash-flow sources and uses. We us Cash flow analysis and asset management research to propose a solid road map to eliminating cash flow problems.

Our Cash Flow Analysis Includes:

Cash Flow Management: Improve cash inflows and outflows to maximize profitability and liquidity.

Asset management: Effectively managing your firm’s most important resources.

Asset investment: What investment decisions are necessary for your business to manage its profitability and growth.

Asset acquisition strategies: Understanding and managing your firm's capital structure to determine the optimal mix of financing, both internal and external, to achieve the greatest profitability.

Regression analysis: Simulate timing of cash flows and determine how much cash it will take to maintain on the balance sheet.

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Bookkeeping Services
• Budgeting Cash Flow Statement
• Estimated Tax Payments
• General Ledger
• Prepare Month-end Adjusting and Closing Journal Entries
• Profit and Loss Statements
• QuickBooks Hosting
• Reconcile Vendor Statements
• Record Bank Charges, deposits, checks disbursed
• Record Payments, Purchase Orders, Sales & Vendor Invoices
• Sales Tax Reporting
• Statement of Cash Flow

US Tax Pros is here to help you stop spending more time in managing your accounting tasks rather than managing your business. Our Accounting team will take this pressure or burden from you so that you can concentrate in building your business.

Our professional team has the capacity, experience to help you in these areas:

Accounting Services
• Accounts Payable and Receivable
• Payroll, Payroll Fees & Taxes
• General Ledger Accounting
• Bank Reconciliation Reports
• Financial Statement Preparation
• Financial analysis

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