Operation Analysis

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Profitability improvement, organizational effectiveness, and quality management are three important components of the operational analysis.

1. Improve New Capital Programming by effective Management-In-Use reviews.

2. Define Your Performance Measurement Methodology in Advance. Develop a performance measurement methodology which includes,

mapping to strategic goals and objectives, data collection and record-keeping procedures. These can also be incorporated in your Project Management Plan

3. Document Your Baseline. The baseline should include performance, cost, and schedule measures.

4. Keep Your Records Up-to-Date. Keep accurate performance data by ongoing record update maintenance.

5. Consider Business as Well as Technology Issues. Technology improves business performance in the most cost-efficient manner practicable. Analyze how well the technology investment is aligned with the changed (current and future) requirements.

6. Develop a Review Plan. You can avoid haphazard or incomplete reviews by developing a written plan. This should include a scope statement, a schedule with milestones, assignment of responsibilities, and identification of the information and people who will provide needed information.

8. Involve Your Stakeholders in Reviews. Stakeholders often have outstanding observations and suggestions during the review process. We recommend group meetings whenever practical, because face-to-face dialogs will often address important topics not considered when developing questionnaires or other structured data collection formats.

9. Be Open Minded about Change. All options should be considered—modifying the system, outsourcing it, replacing it, merging it with other systems, and decommissioning it.

10. Document Gaps. Identify strategic or tactical gaps which include mismatches with the organizations strategic goals, performance plan.

11. Take Action. Make decisions that improve the effectiveness and cost efficiency of the organization. A Plan of Action & Milestone (POAM) table may be appropriate with actions, milestones, assigned responsibility, and scheduled completion dates.

13. Take Advantage of Lessons Learned. The entire organization can benefit from the lessons learned by a thorough review, and the findings can improve future planning, acquisitions, and Management-In-Use.

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