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We manage the task of producing records and securing files required to build the case; determining what merits an appeal. We manage the whole process coming between our client and the IRS to ensure timely, complete, and accurate responses.

We also meet with all agencies necessesary to bring about a favourable response on your case, i.e. dispute resolution officers, auditors, hearing attorneys.

A savings plan or account that is registered with the government and provides deferral of tax obligations. Tax-deferred savings plans may defer taxable income earned within the account either until withdrawal or until a particular date.

They are used most commonly in retirement savings accounts such as IRAs, 401(k)s and RRSPs, but are also available for education savings plans and other accounts. All profits within the account, including interest, dividends and capital gains, are taxed as income only upon withdrawal.

Essentially, tax-deferred savings plans allow you to use the taxes which would have gone to the government for investing. In the end, the taxes are paid, but not before the funds were used to make more money.

US Tax Pros stays up-to-date on the latest tax laws throughout the 50 States and beyond to ensure that you navigate safely and get the optimum impact from our thorough knowledge base. This significantly impacts our client’s bottom line and we address your statewide and local tax responsibilities with the future in mind.

We also manage Tax Compliance procedures that are best for our clients in their diverse situations, in whatever state to ensure that the options chosen benefit them.

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For personal income tax planning there are three basic ways to reduce your taxes, and each basic method might have several variations. You can reduce your income (by putting your money in other avenues or non taxed avenues), increase your deductions, and take advantage of tax credits.

Reduce your Income
US Tax Pros begins personal tax planning from your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). AGI is a key element in determining your taxes. What goes into your adjusted gross income? AGI is your income from all sources minus any adjustments to your income.

We help business navigate the fine line of corporate tax, business planning and financing that affect their organizations in the following areas;

• Federal tax
• Cost Segregation
• Entity structuring
• FAS 109 analysis and consulting for public companies
• Inventory accounting and consulting
• Mergers, acquisitions and reorganization
• Multi-state income and franchise tax planning
• Repair vs. Capitalization Deduction
• Sales and use tax
• State and local tax
• State and local tax
• Implementing Tax credits & Incentives
• Transfer pricing

US Tax Pros is known for our ability to find tax saving opportunities for our clients and to aggressively fight for those dollars, ensuring that no opportunity for tax minimization is missed.

The goal of tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs so as to minimize your taxes. Our professionals rely on expertise, experience, and skilled execution to deliver the best value out of your financial plan relating to taxation.

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